Original Six Jersey
Original Six Jersey

The Original Six Jersey

It's so fitting that our two favorite passions in life originated in a 6'er. The original six graced the ice from 1942-1967, and gave birth to the NHL that we know and love today. The first bottled beer was a bit before that, originating some 440 years ago in the English country of Hertfordshire. While it may have taken 4 centuries for a 6 pack of bottled beer to end up in our living rooms while simultaneously watching NHL hockey, it was worth the wait!

Our original six jersey pays homage to those first 6 teams, and the beverage we love and adore that originally came bottled in 6 packs. Please feel free to contact us for a completely custom Original Six jersey for your beer league hockey team...we'd love to work with you.

Price: $75.00

Product Code: SIG102


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