True Goon Jersey
True Goon Jersey

The True Goon Jersey

The enforcer, the scrapper, the GOON. A vital role on every team, and even the sniper and dangler has been a goon at one point in a game. As we get older, and nestle into our beer league careers, a lot of us play the role of goon more and more! As our playing styles change with age, so do our beer preferences. Who doesn't love a cold one with an orange slice once in a while...

The True Goon jersey embodies everything that is Beer League hockey. A great beer, a few scratches, and most importantly the self respect to have a FANTASTIC looking jersey for your team and not ill fitting sloppy jerseys like the team your about to play is wearing!

Order yourself a True Goon jersey today to show off to your buddies, or get an entire set and upgrade your teams look

Price: $75.00

Product Code: SIG101



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