Beer League Sports is a custom jersey and apparel company for the beer league athlete.

When it comes to quality, we are passionate about sourcing only the highest quality materials. We wear this stuff daily, and it is very important to us that our apparel is the first t-shirt or hoodie you grab out of the dryer.

As beer league athletes, we are a competitive breed, often playing the sports we love well into our 60's. But deeper than the competition is the camaraderie we gain in the locker room with our fellow teammates. The locker room beverage, the pre-game rituals. The nicknames. The jokes. There is a magic to rec league sports that only those who participate in them could ever understand.

"Beer League" is a term we use to describe recreational sports leagues. These Leagues blend competitive athletics and camaraderie with a necessary escape from the mundane, cubicle confined 9-5 job and daily chores. Less than one in a thousand people are fortunate enough to play professional sports, but a true athlete's competitive drive doesn't end after high school or college athletics.

Beer League Sports is a commitment to stay true to yourself and the lifestyle of an athlete and competitor. Our jerseys and apparel is a reflection of that commitment. The tournaments that we run and sponsor is your chance to prove your team still has wait it takes to be a champion.

Beer League Sports. Here's to living the dream.